About us

We work with organisations that deliver the services that have a day-to-day impact on the lives of people across the country. We understand and value the importance of these services and the role that outstanding leadership plays in delivering them.

We also believe that finding, assessing and developing these leaders should be rooted in evidence. The diagnostic tools we use to underpin our work directly assess the leadership behaviours that deliver better performance. These tools are an integral, not additional element of what we do.

Our approach is based on combining the in depth experience and market understanding of our people with the independence of the latest tools that help remove unconscious bias and provide greater, more reliable insight. We also invest in commissioning research that supports the development of leadership capacity and effectiveness. Through this we are better positioned to support our clients to deliver more.


We commission groundbreaking academic research to help deepen our understanding and support our clients in building greater leadership capacity


We use data driven, evidence based tools to assess what really matters in delivering effective leadership and help remove unconscious bias


We apply expert insight built up over decades to identify and develop leadership talent


Our work doesn’t stop once leaders have been appointed – our ongoing support helps maximise their impact and performance in post


Privately owned, our independence means we can focus solely on the needs of our clients and the leaders we support


Sharing our personal experience of starting, developing and leading organisations helps others navigate through change and key leadership challenges


We proactively identify and help appoint leaders into new roles, then support their transition to maximise their impact and performance



We support organisations in building effective leadership teams, unlocking the power of diverse and aspiring talent



We identify and introduce proven leaders to deliver short term, flexible and effective leadership

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