A message from David Cockburn, Head of Paid Service

Welcome to Kent!

I am delighted you have chosen to find out more about these critical senior posts at Kent County Council.

Our Council is the largest local authority in the Country and Kent is a great place to live and work. We are looking for people with the skills and capabilities to build on the inspirational leadership of the Growth, Environment and Transport Directorate, unlocking potential, innovation, and creativity in all our people.

These roles will be pivotal in the delivery of our Interim Strategic Plan which sets out what we want to achieve and is centred around five key challenges. You will be part of a Leadership Team responsible for driving the successful delivery of this plan. This is an exciting time to join Kent and the scale of this Directorate is vast, creating opportunities to tackle the economic impacts across the County, building strengthened relationships with partners for efficiency and growth, and tackling the climate emergency whilst protecting the natural environment and investing in communities to be proud of.

You will be part of supporting communities and businesses, through the provision of over 300 public services. Our Vision within Growth, Environment and Transport, is to create the conditions where the potential of all our people and our places can be fulfilled.

I hope that you will read on, explore the roles in more depth and take the next step towards joining our team. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

David Cockburn, Head of Paid Service