A message from Matt Dunkley, CBE

I am delighted that you are interested in applying for one of these critical and senior posts at Kent County Council.

These two new Director posts are key roles within my Directorate and are pivotal in working with their colleagues in the Directorate’s management team to ensure our aim of making Kent a county that works for all children.

Our vision is to ensure all Kent children feel safe, secure, loved, fulfilled, happy and optimistic. We aim to achieve this significant challenge by:

  • Joining up services to support families at the right time and in the right place; 
  • Securing the best childcare, education and training opportunities; 
  • Being the best Corporate Parent we can be; 
  • Developing a culture of high aspiration and empathy for children and their families; 
  • Valuing children and young people’s voices and listening to them. 

I cannot stress enough that the successes we have had and how we have met many of the challenges we face is through working together as a Senior Management Team. You will no doubt see and appreciate the relationship between these two roles but I am looking for people who are prepared to work with me and my team to deliver the best children’s and young people’s services in the country and to do this we must ensure our services are fully integrated, capable of achieving the best outcomes by addressing needs in the right way at the right time and ambitious for what all children and young people can achieve in their lives, and for what our staff and volunteers can achieve with them.  

Our relentless focus on improving standards and the quality of Education and Learning to help ensure every child and young person has access to a good or outstanding early years setting or school place will continue unabated.

We are keen to work with exceptional individuals who have the energy, ideas and ambition to make a sustained difference to the people of Kent; someone who shares our commitment to improving the quality of life of our residents and is able to maximise their impact through working in partnership across the Council and with other organisations.  Our services will be designed as part of a whole system approach along the continuum of need.   

This is a great time to join Kent, we are changing for the better and as the biggest County Council in the country there is the opportunity to make a big difference.  It’s a great county to live in, too, with excellent schools, vibrant cities, golden beaches and stunning countryside. 

I do hope that having read the information we have provided, you will be motivated to apply to apply for one of these roles, with their profile and magnitude.  I look forward to hearing from you. 
Yours sincerely 

Matt Dunkley CBE Signature

Matt Dunkley CBE
Corporate Director Children, Young People and Education