Our approach to selection and development

Extensive research has demonstrated that leadership behaviours fundamentally determine the level of success leaders achieve for their organisation and its wider stakeholders.

Our approach to selection and development combines:

Venn Diagram Data &research Evidencebasedassessment Expertise &experience 21st centuryleadership 1 2 3

Data & research

We use the latest data and research and commission our own to help determine and identify high performing leadership behaviours


Evidence based assessment

We use uniquely validated diagnostic tools to assess candidates against these behaviours in all our selection and development projects


Expertise & experience

Our consultants triangulate research and data driven assessment with their own in depth experience, market insight and understanding of client needs

Together these provide the best possible assessment of suitability for a role, or support for effective development. We also use it to analyse individuals’ ability and potential to increase performance, motivation, engagement and wellbeing in their teams, and how well they will be aligned with the organisation’s culture and ethos.

Central to this approach is our desire to help level the ‘playing field’ for all talent. The combination of our 3 dimensions reduces unconscious bias resulting in more objective, inclusive decision making.

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